Ritual (2018), is a new step in my artistic evolution. Continuing my investigation of the possible interactions among art, nature, and the self, the most logical thing to do now is to explore the spiritual side. How do we humans have related with Nature using art since ancestral times? I intend to experiment with ancestral traditions, and the importance and meaning of ritual as a way of creating culture. I am ellaborating a discourse that includes the aesthetics of the natural environment, in combination with the ideas that I consider important from a subtle point of view, intuitively instead of rationally. My tools this time are sculpture, paint, geometry, installation, video art and performance.

Pneuma (2018)

A literal example of the intersection of geometry and nature.

All is One (2018)

Performatic work connecting Sacred Geometry with pagan and religious rituals and cultural heritage, during Enclave Art Residency.

Ressentí (2018)

Series of experimental land art works to explore the impact of Sacred Geometry in my body and the space around me.

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