Life unfolds in a spiral, constantly coming back to previous matters. We can revise those matters over and over, progressively gaining a deeper understanding. I see now that, in order to find my place in the context of contemporary art, I must adjust to this context. For this, I have been analyzing the characteristics of the contemporary art paradigm - understanding it as a cognitive base, agreed and understood by everyone.

In contemporary art, the artist’s honesty and the immediate relation between the finished work and the inner life of the maker are irrelevant. What matters most is not the resulting object, but the way the artist verbalizes the spatial position of the artistic possibilities. The work is extended far beyond the object, which is just an excuse, an activator that will induce actions, words, operations, reconfigurations of the space.

Beauty is only relevant when used as a form of transgression.

Perpetual renovation is mandatory: contemporary artists have turned into their own references, both creators and creation.

The concept of artwork is expanded, integrating now the idea of the work, the artist’s intention, the context of the exhibition, time, and perception. Mastering one or various techniques is not important anymore, as it is defying any link between the notion of art and a specific practice.

Once I have assimilated these concepts, I attempt to incorporate them in my artistic practice.

The Meaning of Life (2019)

Guilt: Evidences 1 to 35 (2019)

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