Biomorphic Abstractions is a conceptual project. I believe in symbolic gestures as means of expression and construction of identity and History. This project is a symbolic act of reconciliation with the time that is contained in each piece, and offered to the viewer. It’s a performance in which the most important part is the process: meticulous, slow, meditative, resembling a Zen discipline. Each piece accumulates hours and hours of repetitive work, like a mantra. It’s an instrument for introspection and self knowledge.

I intent to engage in discussion with Nature, capture it, surround it, dissect it, understand it, to own it. The message I want to transmit is subjective: an emotion that has to do with poetry, silence, concentration. I pursue a trace with no specific limits, a glint of beauty.

Aesthetically my work revolves around the architecture of Nature and the growth of organisms. I observe the patterns and motives that occur naturally, and develop an aesthetic vocabulary that I use to build up sculptures more or less similar to reality, that refer visually to cell structures, body tissue, vegetable forms, coral, fossils, shells, geologic structures, cloud formations...

My technique is in between sculpture and collage. I work mainly with paper, and recycled materials. Paper has certain paradoxical qualities that we find in Nature: fragility and durability, strength and finesse. There is a poetic gesture in using a natural material, and after cutting and transforming it, make it somehow come back to its origins. I’m amazed to be able to extract art out of such humble material.

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