Matters is a place for me to reflect on the potential of art as a tool of action and dialogue about the current social and ecological issues. My intention is to contribute to our thinking, by means of symbolic or practical actions, and explore the intersections of art, nature and civilization.

I’m interested in ecosophy as it investigates better ways for us to live in this world. I’m also interested in ecofeminism for the same reason: the idea of building up an ecological society, that is decentralized, non-hierarchical and non-militarized, based on respect.

Practically, I address these issues with performatic and aesthetic actions, experiments on the interaction of art/nature/the self, imagined scenarios, or simply as a celebration and recognition of our achievements as a society. Under the influence of arte povera, and responding to the materialistic collapse that we are experiencing, I reuse materials that are considered poor or waste to produce art, in order to draw the attention on the unsustainability of today’s consumerist spiral. I always try to make my work as environmentally responsible as I can.

Technically, I intend to blur the borders among painting, sculpture, collage, performance and installations, and I combine them according to the needs of each project, for the most important thing to me is to transmit an idea, the means are secondary. Conversely, I experiment with displacing the work of art out of the sacred art space ―museum or gallery― to place it in conventional spaces or in nature, to investigate the impact of this decontextualization.

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